Bleeding Gums Link To Gum Disease

Fighting Tooth decay, Bluffton, SCMaybe you scratched your gums on food or brushed too hard and your gums begin to bleed. If that is the case, and the bleeding is minimal and stops quickly, there is probably little need for concern. However, if you are experiencing frequent bleeding in your gums it is important to alert your dentist and schedule a visit to the Bluffton dentist office of Dr. John Hendricks. Gums that regularly bleed can be a sign of serious gum health concerns and periodontal disease. Early diagnosis is essential to stopping further damage.

Your daily dental hygiene routine is essential to proper oral health, be careful around sensitive gum tissue and make sure you are not brushing too vigorously. Life long routine dental care is the best way to stop gum disease from developing. Make sure you visit Dr. John Hendricks for regular cleanings and comprehensive oral health exams that will include a periodontal screening.

How Do I know If I have Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a complex dental concern caused by a bacterial infection of the gums. It begins as gingivitis. Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease that causes irritation, bleeding and swollen gums. Dr. Hendricks may suggest the use of a prescription strength antibacterial rinses at home between visits to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. Gum disease should be treated by a dentist as soon as you start to notice warning signs. If untreated gingivitis may develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis is linked to serious medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Identifying and treating gum disease as early as possible can help to avoid lengthy and costly procedures- and even tooth loss.

Know The Signs of Gum Disease Bluffton

  • Bleeding gums or red, swollen or sore gums
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Mouth sores or pus between gums and teeth
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Changes in the fit of dentures

If you think you are suffering from gum disease at any stage, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hendricks for a complete oral health checkup and professional dental cleaning. We encourage you to seek out restorative dentist Dr. Hendricks as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your oral health.


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