Ditch Bad Habits For Better Oral Health

Oral health, halitosis, Bluffton, SCYour bad habits may be harming your oral health. Bluffton, SC Lowcountry Dental Center wants you to know how your habits may affect your oral health. If you are a constant snacker, nail bitter, or ice chewer, you may want to keep reading.

Nail Bitters

Biting your nails can cause a whole range of health concerns. Nail biting can cause your teeth to chip or crack. Biting your nails also creates added stress to your jaw. By protruding your jaw for extended times, you create tension in the bone and muscles of your jaw. You make experience sensitivity, pain, or frequent headaches due to jaw pain.
What Can I Do: Create a goal to stop biting your nails. Keep your hands busy during periods of stress, or try bitter flavored nail polish to deter chewing. Set daily goals, and stick to them. If you experience habitual jaw pain, Dr. Hendricks offers TMJ treatment plans.


It is okay to have a snack if you are hungry, but but is not recommended to snack all day long. When you eat, small bits of food may get trapped between your teeth. Many people who snack also tend to snack on sugary or fatty foods. These trapped sugary snacks can create breeding grounds for bacteria. Many patients who regularly snack may be more likely to develop tooth decay.
What Can I Do: Try sticking to three meals a day. If you really need a snack, keep it low it fat and sugar and follow it up with a big glass of water. You can also carry a toothbrush with you and brush after snacking to clear out cavity causing food debris. Chewing sugar free gum can also help stimulate saliva production to help clean your teeth. If you have already developed cavities, Dr. Hendricks offers his patients several types of dental fillings to stop decay from spreading.

Ice Chewers

Chewing ice can damage dental restorations. Ice is a frequent cause for broken crowns or fillings. Chewing ice could also damage your natural teeth causing chips or cracks. If your teeth sensitive chewing ice is definitely not a good idea. The cold can irritate your sensitive teeth causing discomfort.
What Can I Do- Do not chew ice. Use a straw to avoid ice touching sensitive teeth. If you just can not resist the temptation, drink your beverages without ice. Our Bluffton dentist office offers restorative dentistry treatments to replace broken or missing dental crowns and dental fillings.

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