Same Day Dentistry

Smile of a beautiful young woman . Over white background.Are you looking for a quick way to rejuvenate and restore your smile? Dental technology has made what once took up to three visits and several weeks and turned it into a one visit procedure. Dental restorations can now be fit and fabricated in just one visit to our Bluffton, SC dentist office. Lowcountry Dental Center utilizes the state of the art E4D system to provide patients with same day restorations. Dr. John Hendricks’s aesthetic eye and E4D training can create custom fit, comfortable and natural looking dental crowns and veneers from the comfort of our dentist office.

Same Day Dental Restorations Bluffton, SC

The E4D computer software uses CAD/ CAM technology to custom design and fabricates dental restorations. Dr. Hendricks takes digital impressions of your teeth and transfers them to a computer. Once on the computer, Dr. Hendricks can manipulate your images to create the smile of your dreams. Once your new smile is designed, Dr. Hendricks sends over the “blueprints” for your new dental restoration to an in-office milling machine. In just over an hour, your restoration will be fully fabricated and ready to be fit and secured.

Keeping your entire dental restoration procedure in house at Lowcountry Dental Center helps to control the quality and fit of your restoration. If slight adjustments need to be made we are able to manipulate your restoration until you are satisfied with your results. Same day restorations can also save your time and money.

Qualifying for Same Day Dentistry

Every patient’s oral health needs are unique. Dr. Hendricks will meet with you and conduct a thorough oral health exam to determine the best treatment plan to achieve your cosmetic goals and restore your oral health.

Same day dentistry can be used to treat a range of dental concerns such as:

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