Porcelain veneers: A Solution To Your Cosmetic Dental Concerns

Patient Being Examined By DentistIf you have always wanted a bright, beautiful and healthy smile that you feel confident in sharing but suffer from cosmetic imperfections, you are not alone. As we age chips, cracks, and discoloration occur leaving our smiles looking less than glamorous.

Porcelain veneers offer a cosmetic way to repair imperfections and bring balance to the aesthetics of your natural smile. Cosmetic dentist Dr. John Hendricks offers porcelain veneers to treat a range of cosmetic dental concerns at his Lowcountry Dental Center in Bluffton, SC.

Porcelain Veneers For Beautiful Smiles

Porcelain veneers can close gaps, correct the appearance of crooked or misshapen teeth, cover stains or repair chipped or broken teeth. It is important to note that these cosmetic concerns, left untreated, may develop into more complex dental concerns that will need advanced dental procedures in the long term. Treating these minor cosmetic concerns as soon as possible can help Dr. Hendricks provide conservative dental care for natural and beautiful results.

How Veneers Work

Porcelain veneers are made from an ultra-thin ceramic that mimics the material of natural teeth. The thin ceramic is custom designed to create aesthetic appeal for your individual needs. Color matched and designed just for you, your veneers will be permanently secured to your prepared teeth for durable results that will last for many years with diligent oral hygiene.

Dental veneers cover the front and sides of your teeth. Unlike dental crowns, which cover your entire tooth, veneers require less removal of your natural tooth helping to stabilize your natural smile. Veneers can restore the beauty to your smile and may help prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.

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Contact our Bluffton dentist office to find out what dental cosmetic and restorative procedures can help restore your smile to its natural beauty and optimal health. From a simple teeth whitening to a total smile makeover, Dr. Hendricks can help you achieve the smile of your dreams that you feel proud to share.


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