How Are Dental Implants Used?

Have you lost a tooth? Maybe you have multiple missing teeth. Dr. John Hendricks and the professional team at Lowcountry Dental Center are passionate about finding the right restorative option for patient’s specific needs. Dental implants are a dynamic solution to lost or missing teeth that helps revitalize the tooth structure in multiple ways. Learn more about the different uses for dental implants below:

Dental Implants Bluffton, SC for missing teeth

Utilizing dental implants with restorative options can improve patient’s speech, prevent facial sagging, and provide durability. In addition, implant-secured solutions provide no risk of slippage, improve chewing ability, and help reduce the risk of problems like gum disease from developing.

Restoring missing and lost teeth prevents shifting and crooked teeth, overcrowding, gum recession, and bone loss. If you have already noticed these problems, call our office at (843) 706-3377. Our dental professionals are dedicated to discovering the best treatment that aligns well with patient’s goals, budget, and oral health needs.

Single Dental Implants

A single dental implant consists of a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw bone. The post fuses to bone tissue during a 3 to 6 month healing period. An abutment and dental crown are added to the post after it is secure. One great benefit of dental implants is that they look and feel natural.

Dental Bridges

Patients who still have tooth structure left can restore multiple consecutive lost teeth with a dental bridge. Adjacent teeth or dental implants are often used to ensure that the bridge is secure. Securing the bridge with dental implants ensures that patients can bite and chew more evenly.


Whole arches may be replaced with a denture. Securing a denture or dentures with dental implants restores the form and function of teeth and can even make it easier for patients to speak.

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