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Teeth whitening in Bluffton SC

Don was concerned about discolored teeth. We started with an at-home teeth whitening kit to lighten the color of his natural teeth. His old fillings could not be lightened using the bleaching gel. Notice in the photo the areas of discoloration. When the teeth whitening treatment was complete, his old dark fillings were replaced with matching, brighter, whiter fillings for an undetectable treatment.


Bluffton SC full mouth rehabilitation results

Pat had several teeth that were affected by decay and discoloration. She was also missing a few of her back teeth. For treatment we performed a full mouth rehabilitation which required dental crowns, veneers, fixed bridges and yes, even the dreaded root canal. Now, Pat has a beautiful smile and can eat without pain.


dental bridge treatment in Beaufort County, SC

Nancy had a worn composite filling (tooth-colored) between her upper front teeth which were exposing unsightly gaps between the teeth. We removed her old composite dental filling and created a bridge to cover the six front teeth. A dental bridge was used instead of individual crowns to better achieve two goals: to improve the alignment and symmetry of teeth in the smile zone and to stabilize teeth affected by gum disease.


Nina was concerned about work and crooked teeth. She also had several dental fillings that had discolored with age. We corrected her issues by using a combination of dental crowns and veneers to repair worn teeth as well as give the teeth a straighter, more symmetrical appearance. The crowns and veneers also replaced the old fillings, giving Nina the white teeth she always wanted.


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