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Restorative dentistry is a facet of general dentistry that focuses on restoring health, beauty and function to the teeth and mouth. Missing teeth, teeth that are crooked, and teeth that are worn or broken not only cause cosmetic concerns, but contribute to health and functional issues as well.

Specializing in Dental Implants & TMJ Disorders

Dr. Hendricks is one of the few South Carolina dentists to specialize in dental implants. Not only does Dr. Hendricks restore dental implants, he actually places the dental implant in his Bluffton dental office. This makes us an “all in one” treatment center for dental implants, giving patients ultimate comfort and convenience.

In addition, Dr. Hendricks has focused part of his post-graduate dental training to diagnosing and treating TMJ and Occlusal Disorders. He will analyze the way your bite fits together to determine if improper alignment is causing dental problems, headaches, teeth grinding, or TMJ pain.

Restorative Dentistry Services

Treating the source of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, allows Dr. Hendricks to give patients the longest-lasting, most comfortable results. Each patient will receive a comprehensive evaluation and spend one-on-one time with the dentist to discuss health and cosmetic concerns.

Restorative dentistry can range from a simple tooth filling to dental implants. Dr. Hendricks and the staff at Lowcountry Dental Center will help you choose the treatment plan that is best for your specific situation. In many cases, Dr. Hendricks can restore your smile in a single day

Common Dental Problems

Tooth Pain and Tooth Extractions

If you have tooth pain, the most obvious solution may be to extract the tooth. However, this isn’t always the best course of treatment. Dr. Hendricks performs tooth extractions as part of an overall treatment plan for his patients. He will evaluate the tooth as well as the surrounding gums and jaw joint. Depending on the circumstances, he may recommend a root canal or tooth extraction. If the tooth is removed, we offer comprehensive options to replace lost function. Dr. Hendricks is one of the few South Carolina dentists trained for the complete care of dental implants.

Broken & Missing Teeth

Broken or missing teeth can be embarrassing, but more than that, broken or missing teeth can contribute to serious health concerns. Dr. Hendricks provides a number of options for replacing broken or missing teeth including: dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures.

Misaligned or Crooked Teeth

When teeth fit together properly, they last longer and are less likely to need costly dentistry in the future. Dr. Hendricks offers treatment options for people with crooked teeth including porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The best way to prevent gum disease is through routine visits to the dentist and regular dental cleanings. For patients with advanced gum disease, Dr. Hendricks offers periodontal therapy to treat symptoms and prevent future problems.

Teeth Grinding

Many people grind or clench their teeth, often times at night, without even realizing it. Teeth grinding can lead to serious jaw disorders, headaches, damaged teeth and other problems. Dr. Hendricks specializes in the treatment of teeth grinding and TMJ dysfunction. He will restore the mouth and jaw joints to a comfortable position by reshaping teeth, allowing them to make proper contact.

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If you have broken or missing teeth, suffer from gum disease, or other dental problems, contact Lowcountry Dental Center in Bluffton, SC. Restorative dentist, Dr. Hendricks specializes in solving complex dental problems for long lasting, comfortable results.

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