Crown and Bridge in Bluffton, SC

Crown and Bridge in Bluffton, SC


Dental Crowns allow dentists to restore and protect a worn and damaged tooth. Crowns are cemented or "glued" onto your tooth, thereby protecting the tooth long term. Esthetics are enhanced with crowns due to the covering or masking of a dark tooth. The tooth is also protected from fracture and possible loss of tooth. Dentists will discuss with patients which teeth need crowns. Although more expensive, crowns can protect a tooth over 10 years versus a tooth with large fillings, which last usually 3-5 years or less. Crowns can be made of Gold, porcelain, or zirconia ( a tooth color metal) and generally require a dental lab to fabricate.


Bridges allow dentists to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Teeth on either side of the missing tooth will be prepared for crowns and an impression is taken and sent to the dental lab. Once received, the dentist will then cement the bridge onto the prepared teeth. The part of the bridge that is cemented onto the prepared teeth is called the abutment teeth, and the part of the bridge which replaces the missing tooth is called the pontic. The bridge is one piece, with the abutments connected to the pontic(s). Dentists and lab techs have certain ways to make the bridge look as lifelike as possible, so esthetics are achieved. Patients will be given specific instructions on how to clean bridges as this is important to the lifespan of the bridge.

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