Dental Implants in Bluffton, SC

Dental Implants in Bluffton, SC

Dental implants are the most state of the art way of replacing a missing tooth. Over 50 years of innovation and trial by error has resulted in implants that are durable, reliable, and safe. A misconception is that dental implants involve major jaw surgery and are painful. Although some cases involving placement of implants are less than routine, the vast majority are placed to replace a single missing tooth. Dr. Hendricks uses a surgical guide, custom made for each patient, which allows exact placement of the implant. This is a safer, more precise way of performing surgical implant dentistry. Once the implant has integrated with the jaw, usually 3-4 months after the implant has been placed, a dentist will make an abutment and crown to fit the implant. This will complete the case. 

The Way Dental Implants Can Be Used

  • to replace a missing tooth.
  • as abutments for fixed bridgework.
  • as anchors to hold dentures in place.
  • to preserve jaw bone height and width.

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