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Very impressed with the professionalism and effectiveness of the whole team. Dr. John Hendricks understands and listens to you to discover your dental needs. He is helping me overcome a bite problem, I have suffered with for 33 plus years, and for that I am extremely grateful! Thank you for your true professionalism, expert knowledge, and the friendly care I have received from you and your staff!


Dr. Hendricks has been my dentist since I moved to the low country in 2000. My experience with him and the entire friendly staff of Lowcountry Dental has been exceptional. I have recommended Lowcountry Dental to my friends.

E. Devilbiss

As a friend of Dr. Hendricks’s for several years before he was my dentist, I saw him as person with a passion for technology and detail with a strong commitment to the community. Now that he is my dentist I appreciate how he has brought his background to his profession. I am a young 70 years of age with dentists in the North (5 to 10 years younger) that have given me excellent treatment. However, Dr. Hendricks found a dead tooth that was contributing to a sinus problem that I was having as well as several other minor problems that needed attention. When I mentioned this to my ENT in Chicago he said that I was fortunate to have a dentist that understood the big picture.

Sue & Robert

We have been patients of Lowcountry Dental for over ten years. We are so impressed with the professionalism and care we receive, that we now travel over 2 hours, one way, to receive these excellent services. We highly recommend Lowcounty Dental.

Lois & Lou

We have been Dr. Hendricks’s patients for the eleven years we have lived here! He has the friendliest staff, people who are always cheerful and helpful. He gives excellent care; we always know our teeth are in tip-top shape because he is looking out for us and recommending the best treatments for us. Dr. Hendricks is the absolute best when it comes to handling our emergencies. Friends of ours have complained about their dentists being unresponsive to serious troubles when they crop up–we tell them they have the wrong dentists! When Lou had an accident about two years ago resulting in the breakage of his front teeth, Dr. Hendricks gave up a complete Sunday evening to take care of him. We can’t say enough about our high level of satisfaction with Dr. John Hendricks and his excellent team of assistants, hygienists and support staff.

Arthur & Nina

We have been patients of Dr. Hendricks for eight years. During these years, we have had extensive work as well as routine cleaning and semi-annual maintenance on our teeth. Dr. Hendricks and his friendly staff are both professional and caring. We highly recommend Dr. Hendricks for all your dental needs.

D. Maliken

Dr. Hendricks and his staff are the nicest, most professional people I have ever met. They truly make me feel so at ease. I actually enjoy my time spent in the office. People that don’t have problems with their teeth are very lucky. For years I’ve had to struggle with fragile teeth, frequent headaches and chronic misalignments but with the cutting edge technology in Dr. Hendricks’s office, I have a fresh outlook. I’m most grateful for not having to go to numerous dentists to have all my dental problems solved. Thank you, Dr. Hendricks, for taking away my fear of dentists and giving me a beautiful smile. You are all more than just my dentist and his staff, you are my friends.

Patricia & Ralph

One of the most difficult things to do when moving to a new area is to find healthcare professionals in whom you have confidence and with whom you feel comfortable. It was our good fortune, when moving to Bluffton, to find Lowcountry Dental and Dr. John Hendricks to attend to our dental care. David and his wonderful staff welcomed us and provided a level of care and expertise we had never before experienced. David did amazing work in restoring good health to our teeth and gums and we will be forever grateful.


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